Programs and Memberships



Sign up for a FREE evaluation! We like our potential clients to get a feel for our program before they make decision to start. The evaluation includes a parent questionnaire, and 30 minute physical assessment. Call to schedule your FREE Evaluation! (818)321-2936 or email us at

Private 1-on-1 Training

Our private one-on-one sessions can be provided in-home (subject to availability), at our facility, or at a facility of your choice. Our trainers are insured to work anywhere. Travel fees may apply for sessions occurring outside the San Fernando Valley. Call for more details.  


Group Classes

Small Group classes are for those who have had some exposure through our private training program and feel that group classes are appropriate. This class is designed to work on fitness skills as well as to give the student the opportunity to socially interact with others. The idea is to build a sense of community by building connections through social interactions and promoting healthy living. Class sizes vary depending on abilities and support required per student. 

Private Group – Have a group that would like to train together? Contact us regarding private group training. Call for a quote.


Mentoring Program

This program is for everyone! Parents, students, and professionals get a chance to meet in a virtual setting and learn the fundamentals of human movement and nutrition. We deeply believe that in order to shift our current health paradigm in our society, we must educate ourselves on how the nervous system works in relation to addressing sleep disorders, vagal tone, mood disorders, anxiety, depressive disorders, and mental health in general. This one month program offers a way to inform everyone and learn the SpecialFit protocol. From there you will be funneled in to our SpecialFit Resource Facebook Page where we continue the learning journey through our communal intelligence platform. It takes the collective intelligence of everyone to redefine the current thinking about our community. Groups start at the beginning of each month. Email Mike at for more details and to register for the next group. 




Our Programming Templates are a great for those who may not live near our facility or who cannot come often enough to the gym due to scheduling conflicts, but need some guidance in implementing a fitness program for your child. It also provides you with flexibility to implement our fitness program on your schedule. 


Here's what is included:

-3 weekly workouts programmed and tailored specifically for your child

-Weekly email contact to support you with any questions or concerns about the program

-1 monthly video conference session (45mins)

For more information please contact us at

We also provide programming and professional development for schools and other groups. Call for information, regarding scheduling and pricing (818) 321-2936.