Q. My child has a hard time attending to tasks. Should I enroll him/her into a class or personal training? 

A. We suggest scheduling a FREE evaluation so that we can assess his abilities and any limiters we may face during session. We usually recommend starting out with an intro class to expose your athlete slowly to the routine, our trainers and the environment. We also find that students who begin with personal training have better success once transitioned into class. There is less one-on-one support in the class, so if attention is a problem area, we require a parent and/or paraprofessionals to come and participate in session to help maintain pace and rhythm of the class.

Q. My child has some aggression issues. How do you deal with this situation?

A. We make sure that our staff consists of individuals who are already working in the field of child development, but have a background in fitness as well. We train our staff to make sure that safety is the number one priority. We understand that our students face many challenges, and that from time to time we will come across this issue. If your child becomes aggressive, we at that point will not be pushing them to workout. Instead we will focus on their regulation before moving onto the next exercise. Our policy is to have a parent or paraprofessional on hand and to help with aggression or avoidance type behaviors. 

Q. I can't afford to pay your fees. Is there a payment plan option?

A. Our goal is to make this program as accessible as possible to all families. We have partnered with POCWASN to help families in need. Click on the scholarships tab to fill out an application.  

Q. Does a parent need to be present during sessions?

A. Our policy is to have a parent/guardian and/or paraprofessional present during sessions in case of emergency or if your child needs special attention.  

Q. Do you train typical developing children as well? 

A. Our program is designed to meet the needs of people of all abilities. 

Q. How many times a week should my child exercise? 

A. We feel that in order to get the best results, our students should exercise regularly (3-5 times per week). We understand that it may not always be an option to pay for that many sessions, which is why we have developed our Program Development sessions. This allows you to have a combination of private training with consultations to help guide through your child's progressions.