Meet The Team

Special Fit coaches

Mike Ramirez


Mike was working in the early intervention field when he was approached by a parent looking for a personal trainer to work with her 16yo son. This relationship was the spark that led to the creation of Special-Fit. His experience includes working with people affected by Autism, Downs Syndrome, Retts Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, speech delays, behavioral issues and other related disorders. His specialties include using methods in Floortime, The Miller Method, and adaptive skills training. He has also worked in the sport and fitness field for over 15 yrs. He coached HS baseball for several high schools and has helped produce many Division 1 college athletes as well as professional baseball players. He currently resides in his hometown of Chatsworth, CA with his wife Shadeya and their daughter Makayla. His hobbies include golf, music, and spending his off time with his family. His vision is to create an awareness in the community that will one day provide access to fitness for people of all abilities. 


  • M.A. Psychology

  • 14 + yrs Early Intervention

  • Crossfit Level 2

  • Brand X Trainer 

Sergio Calderon



Sergio has experience working with people of various needs and ages. He has worked in a clinical setting under a physical therapist and has volunteered with "Network of a Healthy California" to raise awareness to the importance of being physically active and educating families in many ways to do so. He has a passion for helping people become the healthiest version of themselves. He has been on the opposite side of rehabilitation which has given him a perspective that many cannot understand, which shows through his work. He also worked for Mobility Management Partners, a non-profit organization that provides travel training to the low-income, elderly and special needs communities. He lives in Ventura County with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending his spare time playing soccer, working out, and having quality time with his family. 


  • B.A. Exercise Science 

  • Crossfit Level 1

  • 3+ yrs Travel Training/Transportation Support for neurodivergent 

Ryan Silverman


Ryan has been a Special-Fit coach longer than anyone here and it shows- his calm and welcoming demeanor  makes him dependable in any situation. in addition to the valuable experience he has gained with Special-Fit, he has extensive knowledge in the area of special education. He is gainfully employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District where he works with students who have diverse needs ranging from autism to severe emotional disturbance. He applies all his knowledge to ensure each sesion is a learning experience for everyone involved. 

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." -Confucius 


  • Crossfit Level 1

  • 6+ yrs Special Education Paraprofessional 

  • 2+ yrs YMCA physical education coach

  • 3 yrs Personal Training 

Dominique Mendoza


Dominique, originally from Colorado, moved to California in 2016 to pursue a career in dance. She found a strong interest in fitness through consistently being in the gym to maintain her own personal fitness. She attended Southern California Health Institute and received her certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Her interest for working with neuro-diverse individuals began when her younger was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She grew up volunteering at her brother's school where she supported children of varying needs. This is the foundation of her ability to interact and build relationships with all of our students. She is very passionate about sharing the importance of health and fitness with those around her. On her free time, Dominique likes to workout, go to the beach and FaceTime or visit her family back home. 


  • NASM certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist 

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

  • Respite Care Provider 

Jiggy Ylo


Juan Gabriel (aka Jiggy) is sought after by our students for his fun and energetic personality. He graduated from CSUN with his bachelors in Psychology and has been working with neuro-diverse students for over four years in various capacities. He is currently a Resource Teacher at a charter school in the San Fernando Valley. Jiggy is also a volleyball coach and nationally ranked weightlifter. You can catch him lifting with the weightlifting club in our gym. 


  • B.A. Psychology

  • 3+ yrs Behavior Therapist 

  • 2+ yrs Inclusion Support 

  • Mild to Moderate Special Education Teacher Credential 

  • Resource Specialist Teacher 

  • High School Volleyball Coach 

Alondra Franco




  • B.A. Sociology 

  • 4+ yrs Special Education Paraprofessional

  • 2+ yrs Child Development Specialist 

Michael Reyes


"As someone on the Autism Spectrum, I understand first hand the importance of respecting and working with individuals with neurological differences. Working at Special-Fit allows me to connect with my clients. I love that I can help make a difference. I am an example that we can excel and contribute to our community." 

Astonn Penman